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Italian Floor Corker for Wine Bottles

Italian Floor Corker for Wine Bottles

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This Italian Floor Corker gives you the leverage you need to easily compress and insert corks into your wine bottles. Much easier and faster to use than handheld or benchtop models.

Adjustable nut on plunger allows you to change the height of the cork in the bottle. Works well with our Belgian Corks, too!

  • Updated in 2023 to feature acetal resin jaws instead of the old brass/chrome jaws.
  • Made in Italy by Ferrari.
  • Max Cork Diameter: 31 mm (1.22")
  • Max Cork Height: 45 mm (1.77")
  • Min Bottle Height: 23 cm (9.0")
  • Max Bottle Height: 39 cm (15.3")
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