MAP Policy

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is a policy or condition set by the manufacturer or distributor of an item to set the advertised retail pricing of an item equally no matter who a consumer purchases the item from.  While MAP Policies help small shops like us stay competitive with the big online retailers, this means it often can't be combined with a promotion or coupon code. The great news is it won't be found for less anywhere else and also ensures that the manufacturer warranty will be honored.

Items that follow MAP Policies include (but are not limited to): Ss Brewtech products, Blichmann Engineering products, Anvil Brewing products, BrewBuilt products, The Grainfather, Robobrew, and Brewmaster Recipe Kits. These items are also excluded from promotions and coupons unless otherwise specified & authorized by the manufacturer and/or distributor.

For those items with a MAP, be wary of sites offering it for a lower price - it may not be an authentic product from the advertised manufacturer, and also may not be eligible for any warranty from the manufacturer.

If you see an MAP product for a lower price on another site, reach out to or use the Contact Us form and we will do all we can (but cannot guarantee) to match the advertised price provided the pricing does not violate manufacturer's or distributor's MAP Policies.