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CellarScience® BUBBLY Dry Wine Yeast, 8g

CellarScience® BUBBLY Dry Wine Yeast, 8g

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The classic Champagne yeast. With a fast fermentation rate, high alcohol tolerance, and low nutritional requirment it is one of the easiest yeasts to ferment. Allows varietal character to shine through while accentuating stone fruit and citrus.
Able to ferment under higher pressures. Does not ferment Malic acid so natrually produces fresh wines with crisp acidity. This makes it a classic choice for fruit wines, meads and ciders.
Top choice for doing secondary fermenation in the bottle for natural carbonation.
One of the most popular yeast strains in the world. Can handle lower fermentation temperatures.
  • Really strong and fast fermentations
  • Best strain to ferment out in touch conditions
  • One of the most popular, classic Champagne strains
  • Low nutrient requrements
Start Time: Fast
Alcohol tolerance: 15%
Nitrogen Demand: low
Yan Requirement @ 23 Brix: 220 ppm
Production of volatile acidity: Low
Production of SO2: Low
Ease to Ferment with MLF: Good
Yeast type: Bayanus
Killer Factor: Neutral
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