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Rahr Red Wheat

Rahr Red Wheat

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2.4-3.5°L - Rahr Red Wheat is a pale wheat malt made from North American hard spring red wheat. Pale wheat malt has the sweet malty flavor of other malted grains, but with a hint of fruitiness. Wheat malts are high in protein, which helps produce fuller-bodied beers.

Wheat malt can improve head formation and retention, depending upon the other grist constituents. Red wheat has a slight tartness to its flavor not present in white wheat. It also has smaller, harder kernels than white wheat, which can require careful milling.

Rahr Red Wheat is suitable for all wheat-style beers.

Usage Rate Up to 50%

Color °L 2.4-3.5

Protein Total 12.0 +/- 3.5

Moisture % Max 5.0

Extract FG Min >80.0

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