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Heavy Duty Lid for 5 & 6 Gallon Bucket w/ Gasket & Tear Strip

Heavy Duty Lid for 5 & 6 Gallon Bucket w/ Gasket & Tear Strip

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Heavy Duty lid for most 5, 6, & some 3 & 6.5-7 gallon buckets. with 11.75" top width.

Features a removable rubber gasket, and a tear strip with strong plastic tabs. The tear strip must be removed before the lid can be taken off the bucket.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using a Bucket Lid Opener with these lids.

The lid with gasket and tear strip will seal the bucket airtight, ideal for fermentation, transportation, and storage.

Available in Solid, Drilled for a #7 Rubber Stopper & Drilled/Grommeted!

Recommended for buckets with 11.75" top width.

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