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Corny Keg Lid PRV

Corny Keg Lid PRV

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Grey Top:

  • The most common relief valve.
  • Fits most Cornelius and Firestone style kegs.
  • Long body with spring with colored top and pull ring.
  • Max. pressure rating: 100 psi
  • Kegland Part Number: KL03070

Green Top:

  • Max. pressure rating:  65 psi
  • Direct replacement of the PRV featured on the KOMOS® CO2 regulator.
  • Can also be used with pressurizable FermZilla models for hydro testing.
  • Note that under normal operation, the FermZilla should always be used with the Red PRV.

Red Top:

  • Max. pressure rating:  35 psi
  • Direct replacement of the PRV featured on the FermZilla and Kegmenter.
  • Also compatible with cornelius (corny) kegs and the KOMOS® CO2 regulator if you desire a lower blowoff pressure.
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