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Copper Mesh Packing, 30 ft

Copper Mesh Packing, 30 ft

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Copper mesh makes an excellent distillation column packing due to its very high surface area, with the combined benefits of adding copper to the distillation column such as reduction in sulfur compounds.

Widely known as "Structured Packing", it is not truly structured packing, but more of a glorified random packing.


  • Each bag includes a 30-foot strip of copper mesh
  • Recommendations:
  • For a 2" x 36" column, use 1 bag of copper mesh.
  • For a 3" column, use 3-4 bags of copper mesh.
  • Using copper mesh inside your stainless steel distillers column will remove sulfur compounds, and you must be careful not to pack your distillers column too tightly.
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