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CellarScience® RED Dry Wine Yeast, 8g

CellarScience® RED Dry Wine Yeast, 8g

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Our most popular red yeast is a perfect choice for Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Merlot and other reds where you want to emphasize red fruit flavors. RED is less about structure and body and more about fruit. Fantastic by itself if you plan to blend separately fermented lots back together.
RED is a great choice to contribute red berry flavor. Also known to help produce intense color. Also a great choice for Cabernet, Syrah and other traditinoal big red varietals where you would like to emphasize fruit over structure and body.
Because RED ferments cleaner than most yeast at high temperatures, it is the perfect choice if you are fermenting in a warm environment and do not have temperature control.  It does not produce much SO2 so it is a great choice for easier ML fermentations.
  • Emphasizes red berry fruit flavors 
  • High color extraction
  • Makes wines that do not require extended aging
  • Med-High nutrient need 
  • Top choice for Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Pinot, Merlot
    Start Time: Average
    Alcohol tolerance: 16%
    Nitrogen Demand: Med 
    Yan Requirement @ 23 Brix: 250ppm
    Production of volatile acidity: low 
    Production of SO2: Low
    Ease to Ferment with MLF: Good   
    Yeast Type: Cerevisiae   
    Killer Factor: Neutral   
    Malic Acid Consumption:  Average
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