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CellarScience® FRESH Dry Wine Yeast, 8g

CellarScience® FRESH Dry Wine Yeast, 8g

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The name says it all. The perfect choice for fermenting fruit forward whites, roses, ciders, and meads. Because FRESH is a Bayanus strain it is able to ferment at lower temperatures, a nice option for producing cleaner more focused fruit flavors. Emphasizes stone fruit flavors.
Once it starts fermenting it doesn't stop. Super easy to ferment with lower nutrient needs and a a very high alochol tolerance up to 16%. Many cider producers like this yeast for its ability to add those fresh and fruity flavors.
Although easy to ferment, we still recommend a nutrient regimen to increase fruit and floral flavors, while avoiding H2S production that can mask fruit.
  • Producer of fresh fruit aromas/flavors
  • Best choice for fruit forward wines
  • Best choice for ciders
  • Best choice for Roses
  • Ability for ferment cooler
  • Strong fermenter
Start Time: Fast   
Alcohol tolerance: 16%   
Nitrogen demand: low 
YAN Requirement @ 23 Brix: 225 ppm 
Production of volatile acidity: Very Low   
Production of SO2: Low 
Cap/Foaming: Very low 
Ease to Ferment with MLF: Average   
Malic Consumption: High 
Yeast Type: Bayanus
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