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CellarScience® FLORAL, 8g

CellarScience® FLORAL, 8g

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Very low H2S producer which naturally allows fruit to shine through

Cerevisiae/Bayanus hybrids strain

Huge aromatics of floral and Citrus

FLORAL is a natural hybrid between Cerevisiae and Bayanus allowing it to ferment at lower temperatures. Its famous for producing a wide range of flavors to add depth and complexity to any wine. FLORAL cannot assimilate sulfur which greatly reduces H2S making it an easy yeast to see through fermentatoin. Low H2S and volatile acidity part of the secret to emphasizing fresh fruit flavors. The production of phenylethyl alcohol and its derivative ß-phenylethyl adds sweet floral notes. Phenylethyl alcohol also helps extract thiols due to their similar polarity, contributing even more to citrus and floral flavors. A hugely aromatic yeast that is easy to ferment. Great for any whites or fruity reds where a floral charateristic is desired. First choice for Italian whites like Pinot Grigio. Can ferment down to 55F.

Start Time: Average

Alcohol Tolerance: 15%

Nitrogen Demand: Low

YAN Requirement @ 23 Brix: 200 ppm

Production of volatile acidity: Very Low

Production of SO2: Low

Cap/Foaming: Very low

Ease to Ferment with MLF: Average

Lees Aging: Good Choice

Yeast Type: Hyrbid Bayanus/Cervisiae

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