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7.9 Gal Fermentation Bucket w/ Spigot, Lid & Airlock

7.9 Gal Fermentation Bucket w/ Spigot, Lid & Airlock

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The perfect fermenter for fermenting wine kits and sometimes preferred for beer fermentations because of its larger volume. This is a 7.9 gallon plastic fermenter complete with lid, airlock, and spigot. The rotating spigot allows you to push the bucket deeper into your counter or benchtop without obstruction. When it's time to transfer out, bring the bucket to the edge of your counter and rotate the spigot to point down. These buckets are made from Polypropylene.

 Why Polypropylene?

These buckets are made from polypropylene as it is less porous and significantly smoother than other HDPE fermenters. HDPE is porous and can harbor microbial activity making it more difficult to clean and sanitize. Being less porous, polypropylene also does not absorb aroma like HDPE so there is less flavor carry over from batch to batch.

 Kit Includes:

  • 7.9 gallon plastic bucket
  • Plastic lid with hole and grommet
  • Airlock
  • Spigot

Please note: The spigot hole comes pre-molded into the bucket and needs to be drilled out before installing the spigot. We recommend using a 5/8" drill bit and taking care not to strip the female threads that accept the spigot. The spigot includes a back nut that won't be needed—simply remove the back nut and thread in the spigot with the gasket in between the neck of the spigot and the bucket. The lid forms a very tight seal and requires a decent amount of downward force to lock in place.

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