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Humboldt Beer Works

#20 Fruit Press w/ Stainless Steel Basket

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Great for pressing the juice from soft fruits (pitted peaches, apricots, etc.) or when used in conjunction with our manual apple crusher to make cider. The basket is made from perforated stainless steel. The press mechanism is a single plate that pushes down via a threaded shaft that is connected to a t-handle. The entire pressing mechanism is hinged and folds out of the way when done, allowing for easy removal of spent fruit solids. Much faster than a typical wine press. 20 cm Diameter basket holds 9.5L (2.5 Gallons) at a time.

  • Compact fruit press perfect for the hobbyist wine or cider maker
  • Stainless steel perforated basket offers reliable performance and long lifespan
  • Hinged design allows for quick removal of spent grapes and easy storage
  • 2.5-gallon capacity
  • Made in Italy by Marchisio

Does not include any straining bag, though one can be added to reduce product bypass. See our 29" x 29" Nylon Mesh Bag.

Pre-Orders for Harvest & Crush accessories are now closed and equipment is not currently in stock yet. We'll be fulfilling orders as soon as they're available, usually in mid June to mid August.

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Humboldt Beer Works is located in Old Town Eureka, on California's beautiful & rugged North Coast.

Locally owned and operated since 2011, and re-established in 2018, we've been committed to offering the highest quality ingredients and equipment, as well as the advice you need to succeed.