Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day Demonstration

Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Demo

Hey Ladies! Ever been interested in learning how to brew your own beer? We've got the talented women (and supportive club members) from the Humboldt Homebrewers in house leading an All-Grain brewing demonstration on our house system with a recipe showcasing Yakima Chief's Pink Boots Hops Blend!
We have been given the opportunity to purchase the 6th Annual Pink Boots Society hop blend to brew with and Humboldt Beer Works would like to donate the use of their system for brewing of wort (yeast pitch/fermentation must be at home).
Hop on down & check it out! Humboldt Homebrewers is a local 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization under the Ink People's DreamMaker Project.
Want to learn more about what this is all about?:
Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® (CBD) is an international celebration of women and non-binary individuals in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry — a movement to recognize the impact they have on our industry. Each year, registered teams brew beer and participate in Collaboration Brew Day, donating portions of the proceeds of their sales to help fund scholarships that support the Pink Boots mission to assist, inspire, and encourage the professional development and education of women and non-binary individuals in our industry.
more info here:
This year’s blend, chosen at the Great American Beer Festival, features Loral®, Ekuanot®, and HBC 586 varieties. (Supplier of the hop blend, Yakima Chief Hops, donates $3 from every pound sold back to Pink Boots Society. Donations from last year’s hop blend provided $137,565 for education and programming initiatives.)
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