Cheap & Easy Zero PSI Draft Line Cleaning

I got kind of tired wasting C02 to push line cleaner and sanitizer through my draft lines.  I began devising a plan to use compressed air instead but then like a lightning bolt from the sky I had a vision to use simple physics and gravity instead.  This vision was quickly followed by another vision […]

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Making Root Beer

Sometimes we forget of all the beverages we can make at home other than beer.  Whether you know it or not, you already have the equipment and most of the knowledge to expand to things like cider and wine.  Soda pop is also in your tool box.  The biggest motivator for making 5 gallons of […]

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Humboldt Homebrew Festival 2013 Live Blog

12:30 Setting up! 1:00 Brewers hour begins. 1:11 Fazios stuff is dank. 1:18 Wild Golden Ale on Black Currant Aged On Oak. WGAOBCAOO for short. 2:11 Doors open! 2:25 Competition is tight this year. Phenomenal beers. Everyone trying to outdo the next guy. 2:36 No that pitcher of homebrew is not a dump bucket. 3:13 […]

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Beginner Homebrewing

“How hard is it to brew?”  That’s a question I’ve been asked I don’t know how many times.   My canned answer is “Its like making soup.  You follow a recipe.”  Of course, there is more to it than that.  Much of it is what you do after the brewing is done.  Sanitation and fermentation are […]

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Racking From a Carboy Into a Keg Under Pressure


Oxidation.  Typically, that’s an unwanted effect in your finished beer.  This is true for most beers, especially in lighter style beers, but in sweeter, heavier and higher alcohol beers it can have a sherry like element that is desirable and is most prominent in old ales. 

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