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Humboldt Homebrew Festival 2013 Live Blog

12:30 Setting up! 1:00 Brewers hour begins. 1:11 Fazios stuff is dank. 1:18 Wild Golden Ale on Black Currant Aged On Oak. WGAOBCAOO for short. 2:11 Doors open! 2:25 Competition is tight this year. Phenomenal beers. Everyone trying to outdo the next guy. 2:36 No that pitcher of homebrew is not a dump bucket. 3:13 […]

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Beginner Homebrewing

“How hard is it to brew?”  That’s a question I’ve been asked I don’t know how many times.   My canned answer is “Its like making soup.  You follow a recipe.”  Of course, there is more to it than that.  Much of it is what you do after the brewing is done.  Sanitation and fermentation are […]

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Malting Company of Ireland


For years, I’ve been searching for an Irish grown malt. I never really cared for English malt because it was too bready and biscuit like for my taste. In fact, I’m not a fan of English ingredients entirely, so if you know where to get Irish grown hops, let me know. Occasionally I would do […]

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Northwest Brewing News Readers Poll 2012 – Humboldt Well Represented


Saturday, December 1st, I was at Humboldt Beer Works schlepping homebrew supplies and I received a phone call. I don’t even know who it was, I didn’t recognize the name. “I’m reading in an email that you won ‘Best Northern California Homebrew Supply Shop’ in the Northwest Brewing News Reader Poll.” Silence. Processing. “Uh, what?” […]

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The Great Yeast Experiment


It was one of those ideas that a homebrew club lives for.  But it was certainly not a new concept for homebrewers.   We hatched a plan to brew up a bunch of beer, in this case 20 gallons, and dose each gallon with a different yeast.  We didn’t make it to 20 different yeasts but […]

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The First Annual HumbrewNation Awards For The Fifth Annual Strangebrew Beerfest


November 3rd was a great day for craft beer in my little world. The day started off with Learn To Homebrew Day by the Humboldt Homebrewers and hosted by Humboldt Beer Works. About 8 people took the leap in to learning how to brew their own beer at home which is probably one of the […]

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Humboldt: Serious Reppin’ At GABF 2012

Short post. The results speak for themselves. Eel River Brewing Company — Silver in Aged Beer category for 2004 Triple Exultation. (24 entries) Mad River Brewing Company — Gold in Golden or Blonde Ale category for Steelhead Extra Pale Ale. (67 entries) Support your local brewery. It means everything. Complete list of categories and winners

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Humboldt Beer Week

As September wore on, Humboldt Beer Week approached and in my head, I was thinking of all the blog material I was going to have when the dust had settled.  But when the first beer was poured at F Street Beer Fest, there were some 35 individual events happening in the coming 9 days.  Although […]

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Hops In Humboldt 2012

Something that I’m starting to enjoy is becoming a volunteer for Hops In Humboldt. Unless I have a ride, I don’t really like going to festivals and having too much beer. I like to enjoy the whole aspect of the festival, which is a celebration of beer. This year was an experience like no other […]

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Take That 1887! Humboldt Regeneration CSB Update

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, beer was the only safe thing to drink.  Almost everyone drank beer in one form or another but they didn’t know why it didn’t make one sick and water did.  The beer was being boiled and that simple step killed the pathogens in the water that made us […]

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