Cheap & Easy Zero PSI Draft Line Cleaning

I got kind of tired wasting C02 to push line cleaner and sanitizer through my draft lines.  I began devising a plan to use compressed air instead but then like a lightning bolt from the sky I had a vision to use simple physics and gravity instead.  This vision was quickly followed by another vision of Denny Conn speaking to me, “Cheap and easy, man!  Cheap and easy!”

So I sourced myself a particular SS fitting, a 1/4″ MPT to barb, and a standard 2 liter soda bottle.  I drilled a hole through the cap and pushed the barbed end of the SS fitting through the top of the cap. The tighter the fit the better. Unless you have some sort of seal around the barbed end, expect a leak but it will be minimal.

Fill your 2 liter bottle with your choice of cleanser or sanitizer, depending on whatever stage of cleaning you are at.


Attach to your line. (Honestly, if you aren’t using threaded QDs by now, you are making your life more difficult)  Invert, open your tap and let gravity take over.

Unless you affix some sort of air inlet, you will have to squeeze your 2 liter bottle.  No biggie.

Cleanse, rinse and sanitize to your hearts content.  Pour yourself a homebrew to reward your brilliance.