About Humboldt Beer Works
Jamie AshdonJosh Reed - humboldt brewersHumboldt Beer Works is located in Eureka, on the northern coast of California. It is owned and operated by experienced home brewers Josh Reed and Jamie Ashdon who are committed to offering the highest quality ingredients and equipment to help you make the best fermented beverages at home. We help support our local community by hosting homebrew club meetings, planning and sponsoring beer festivals, making donations to local nonprofits and educating people about craft beer and homebrew whenever possible.

If you have any questions about Humboldt Beer Works please don’t hesitate to
email us or call (707) 442-MALT

Humboldt Beer Works – History

Humboldt County is home to 6 craft breweries.Shopfront
We take our beer seriously on the northern California coast and there is a thriving, well established home brewing and home wine making tradition. But in 2009 there was no homebrew supply store where brewers and wine makers could buy ingredients and equipment locally, a fact that was often lamented at homebrew club meetings. In the winter of 2010 and spring of 2011 two home brewers, Josh Reed and Jamie Ashdon began formulating a plan to do something about it. In December of 2011 they opened Humboldt Beer Works in a small (less than 300sq ft) storefront near downtown Eureka. Business was brisk and almost immediately it became clear that a bigger space was needed. In September of 2012, Humboldt Beer Works moved into a 1000 square foot warehouse space in order to serve customers better.  Less than a year later, they expanded in the space next to them facing B St. and doubled their footprint.  In October 2015, they acquired Humboldt Beer Tours and began offering brewery tours in Humboldt County.