Six Mad Lost Red Eels Saison Du Humboldt

All Five Humboldt County Breweries Come Together for First-time Beer Collaboration

HUMBOLDT, CA–For the first time, all five Humboldt County breweries recently came together to create a collaborative beer: Saison Du Humboldt. The beer was crafted by brewers from: Eel River Brewing Company, Lost Coast Brewery, Mad River Brewing Company, Redwood Curtain Brewing Company, and Six Rivers Brewery. It will be unveiled at HumBrews in Arcata on Monday, May 14, to celebrate the kick-off of American Craft Beer Week.

The idea for the collaboration was born when Meredith Ripley, co-owner of Six Rivers Brewery, was with Mad River Brewing Company’s Brewmaster, Dylan Schatz, and Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Tera Spohr, at the Great American Beer Festival shortly after the two breweries released Wee Heavy Ale collaboratively, in honor of Mad River Brewing Company’s anniversary.

“We were talking about how fun it would be to get all the breweries together and brew a great beer in honor of American Craft Beer Week, which runs May 14-20. I put the idea out to the rest of the beer gang in Humboldt and everyone quickly agreed,” said Ripley.

Next, all the brewers met to discuss the style of beer to make and formulate a recipe. They decided on Saison Du Humboldt, based on the Saison style of a sometimes slightly sour, refreshing, and somewhat strong summer ale (5 to 8 percent ABV).

“As far as we know, this is the first time such a brew has been collaborated on by five separate breweries. The brew day was quite an event and meeting of the minds among five brewers, each doing their part. I hope it brings the same joy and merriment to all as it did for all of us,” said Carlos Sanchez, brewmaster of Six Rivers Brewery.

The brewing group has fondly dubbed themselves the Six Mad Lost Red Eels to incorporate the name of each brewery and hopes to make the collaboration an annual event.

“I personally would look forward to making a Humboldt Collaboration brew an annual event for American Craft Beer Week, with each edition being a different style every year. This project was great fun and very inspirational to all who participated. We have an amazingly brilliant collection of brewing minds in our area, and it has been a true pleasure to work together with everyone involved,” said Schatz.

Saison Du Humboldt, a one-time edition, limited production run, will be on draught at Humbrews starting Monday, May 14, for the kickoff of American Craft Beer Week which started in 2006 as a national celebration of America’s small and independent craft brewers and their impact on American culture. Saison Du Humboldt will also be available while it lasts at each participating brewery, Blondie’s Food and Drink in Arcata and The Local in Eureka.

PHOTO: The Six Mad Lost Red Eels (L to R): Drake Mollberg (Redwood Curtain), Matt Walsh (Lost Coast), Mike Lisignoli (Six Rivers), Carlos Sanchez (Six Rivers), Dylan Schatz (Mad River), Matt Vivaston (Eel River), Jon Hill (Six Rivers), Briar Bush (Lost Coast).



Lagunitas Tap Takeover at The Local Beer Bar

April 20th. Or 4/20. Its sort of a mystical/mythical holiday around these parts. While we all know what it is known for, residents of the Beer Block in downtown Eureka rang in the holiday at 4:20 PM gathered around a firkin of Lagunitas WTF and watched The Local Beer Bar owner Darren Cartledge cautiously tap the keystone. This was the beginning, and probably the highlight of the Lagunitas Tap Takeover at The Local. In less than two hours, Darren and Ari were struggling to fill the last glasses with the murky dregs. And the place was full of beer lovers. First, pockets of friends formed and homebrewers instinctively gravitated towards each other and then it was jam packed.

Also on tap was Waldo Special, Gnarlywine, Censored (The Kronic), IPA, Czech Pils, Little Sumpin’, Dogtown PA and Imperial Red. Lagunitas Brewing Co. was founded in 1993 at Lagunitas, CA and in a year, they grew so much they moved to Petaluma. They began expanding this year to a 600,000 bbl/year capacity and this month announced plans for a Chicago brewery with the same yearly output. Win for craft beer.

When asked on how the Lagunitas tap takeover came about, Darren stated, “It seemed like it would be fun and I thought it would be fun to get a bunch of Lagunitas in here. Then Jere (Cox) heard about it and he brought some stuff. I can’t believe how many people were here”, he said eyes wide. Will there be more? Yes. The next one is planned for May 17th with Anderson Valley. Tentative draft lineup includes Belks ESB, Poleeko Pale, Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout, Imperial IPA, as well as new Mendonesia releases Horse Tongue Wheat and Oude Bruin. Then Darren mentioned a couple of other prospective breweries for a takeover. What were they? Not yet! This is where I leave you wanting more….

WTF! Yeah....



2012 Humboldt Homebrew Festival Live Blog

1:24 PM Everyone is setting up. I’m helping out where I can. Getting thirsty!


1:41 PM First taste, Shaun Cordes’ Maggie Mae IPA

2:03 PM Doors open!


2:17 PM First taste from THE Jere Cox, who brought 9 kegs! First is La Palsner de Sour, sour pils on cherries!


2:40 PM Just in time, Humboldt Homebrewers club T-shirts are in!


3:06 PM Making connections and filling up!


3:41 PM We take this seriously. It’s not about getting drunk, but coming together for the love of beer!


3:59 PM Best keg accessory of the day.


4:22 PM Cydneys Date Sour is fantastic!

4:34 PM Not sure which band this is but they are killing it!


4:41 PM Wow, brewers from Crescent City, Willits, and Healdsberg! Very cool!

4:54 PM there are a lot of high quality beer at this event. Mad skillz.

5:44 PM Bottle comp results….

5:50 PM Jamie with the ESB!


6:08 PM yours truly, 1st place cider

6:09 BOS Justin Wittaker with sweet stout!!!! Healdsburg!


6:17 And with that, I’m done. What a fantastic event!